Casing Leak Repair Systems

SEALMAKER CRS Casing Repair System to quickly and efficiently repair failed casing


SEALMAKER provides a full line of casing repair solutions for nearly any downhole condition to quickly and efficiently restore integrity to the casing. Applications can be designed after thorough analysis of the downhole condition, leak severity, leak depth, and wellbore construction. SEALMAKER CRS can be designed specifically for each wellbore and can easily be modified in the field if the conditions change.  SEALMAKER CRS can be deployed on the primary production annulus to repair not only casing leaks, but PBR's and packer leaks as well.  Outer annuli and micro-annulus leaks can also be repaired with CRS.



SEALMAKER CRS can be deployed by a number of methods depending on the construction of the production string.  Sliding Sleeves can be shifted open to allow circulation in to the leak point or alternatively the Gas Lift Valves can be configured to allow displacement to the desired depth.  In many cases, especially in shallow leak instances the chemicals can be bullheaded directly to the leak.



The ability to chemically repair leaks in a matter of hours and to be able to bring a well back on-line quickly saves you time and money eliminating the need to perform a major workover and in a fraction of the time.   SEALMAKER CRS has a 24-year PROVEN track record consistently delivering results and restoring production eliminating the need for a costly workover.



The outstanding phyical properties of CRS gives you the confidence knowing that the leak will be fixed and the well restored to full operational capability to pressures as high as 15,000-psi and it can withstand operating temperatures in excess of 700ºF.  Totally inert after reaction, SEALMAKER CRS is not affected by H2S or CO2  resulting in a long term permanent repair .